Simplify Your Supply Chain

SaaS Solutions and Colocation Services

Modernize your supply chain with scalable solutions that blend talent, expertise, and software so you can improve efficiency and keep costs low.

Solutions Overview

Your forward and reverse logistics operations involve many moving parts. Service logistics processes are often fragmented, difficult to scale and lack uniform standards.

At Triage, we partner with you to keep all those parts running smoothly. With colocation services to maximize efficiency and software solutions to automate and streamline processes, we unlock value across your entire supply chain, delivering an integrated, globally scalable solution.

We help you:

  • Increase efficiency and ROI
  • Reduce costs
  • Fill talent gaps
  • Scale effectively
  • Integrate WMS and ERP systems
  • Improve customer service

Business and Process Intelligence Across the Supply Chain

Colocation Services

Streamline your supply chain so you can get more done in less time. Triage colocation services help you accelerate operations with an experienced team working alongside you to yield more ROI, improve customer experiences, and mitigate value leakage. You also gain access to WipITTM, our dynamic SaaS solution designed to integrate with your ERP and WMS systems.

  • Seamless product fulfillment
  • Product staging
  • Configuration and assembly
  • Specialized kitting
  • Returns processing
  • Screening and testing
  • Product disposition and grading
  • Parts inspection (AQL/QC)
  • Scalable software solutions

SaaS Solution: WipIT

Capture mission critical data and gain deeper insight into your supply chain so you can make confident, data-driven decisions. WipITTM builds a predictive AI database that automates processes and supports decision-making so you can optimize your supply chain, make changes to new releases or implement ECOs to products as needed.

WipITTM is a cloud-based, configurable solution that provides total shop floor control and visibility to support complex forward and reverse logistics operations.

  • Predictive AI & machine learning
  • Dynamic workflow engine
  • Integration via APIs
  • User persona management
  • Operational analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Account4IT and FormIT

Streamline your materials management and simplify data capture with our full software suite.

From warehouses to service vehicles to installation, optimize and manage your flow of materials to keep operational costs down.

Easily capture and modify data electronically from anywhere and get the analytics you need to make better decisions.


Tier 1 Telecom Carrier Reduces CPE Return Cycle Time by 94%

Problem: CPE returns from customers were taking more than 35 days to go through the traditional reverse logistics process. In addition, high No Fault Found (NFF) returns were negatively impacting profitability.

Action: Triage implemented WipITTM to automate work instructions, test procedures, cosmetic standards, and materials usage. The Triage team also integrated colocated resources in customer field offices and cross docks for an innovative, flexible reverse logistics solution.

Solution: Average cycle time was reduced from over 35 days to 2 days. New processes eliminated 19 out of 35 touchpoints, reduced transportation costs, and increased inventory turns.

Streamline Your Reverse Logistics Operations with Triage

Automate manual tasks, optimize resources, and manage costs throughout your reverse logistics operations with Triage colocation services and SaaS solutions.

Unlock Value in Reverse Logistics

Triage works alongside you to create flexible, scalable reverse logistics operations that accelerate inventory velocity, improve competitive advantage and meet customer needs.

Colocation Services

  • Deploy highly skilled, scalable workforce
  • Accelerate inventory velocity
  • Reduce product value leakage
  • Improve customer experience
  • Eliminate touchpoints and reduce overhead
  • Integrate software for key functions


  • Streamline material planning
  • Automate, standardize, and streamline operations
  • Track product returns, failure data, inspections,
    screening & testing
  • Monitor labor productivity
  • Produce robust reports and analytics
  • Integrate with 3PL and/or OEM specific systems
  • Gain deeper operational insights around throughput,
    test & failure reasons, replacement parts usage, and more

Global 3PL Increases Retention Rate of Returned Products to 85%

Problem: Technology products were shipped to repair depots and eventually returned to distribution centers, reducing product value on a daily basis. The client’s WMS systems did not support service logistics requirements for complex workflow management with product, process and operator accountability. Labor productivity and process outcomes were not adequately tracked or measured.

Action: Triage integrated WipITTM SaaS solution with the client WMS to improve flexibility and scalability across the supply chain. In addition, WipIT’s advanced business intelligence was leveraged to gain deeper insight around inspection, test and failure reasons, revisions, serial numbers, labor productivity, replacement parts usage and kitting materials.

Solution: Triage created a scalable model to globally standardize systems and expansions for the client. With the integrated solution, the client delivered increased value to customers through reduced transportation costs and unnecessary touches. In addition, 85% of returned product now remains in the distribution center ready for sale and providing greater product value.

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