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Transform Supply Chain Challenges Into Opportunities

Supply chain inefficiencies can be expensive, time-consuming and may result in missed revenue opportunities. Are you struggling with:

Today’s circular economy demands flexible supply chain solutions that can scale quickly and support evolving customer needs. Our dynamic workflow platform, WipIT, empowers you to efficiently manage diverse workflows, make data-based decisions in real-time, present work instructions within the app and integrate seamlessly with your current systems.

Triage Partners 3PL and OEM SaaS solutions
Logistics Processes & Workflows
When your supply chain is functioning as it should, your customers won’t even know it’s there. Leverage our innovative workflow platform to improve efficiency, boost ROI, and create sustainable enterprise logistics workflows in minutes, not weeks.
Business Intelligence

Capture mission critical data and gain deeper insight into your supply chain so you can make confident, data-driven decisions. Our flexible, configurable platform delivers real-time data insights to identify bottlenecks and improve efficiencies.

wip IT
Seamless Integration
Break down data silos and gain total shop floor control with WipIT. WipIT easily integrates with your existing tech stack so you can effortlessly manage forward and reverse logistics in a single platform.

case study

Global 3PL Increases Retention Rate of Returned Products in Distribution Center to

0 %


  • Technology products were shipped to repair depots and eventually returned to distribution centers, reducing product value on a daily basis
  • WMS systems did not support service logistics requirements for complex workflow management with product, process and operator accountability
  • Labor productivity and process outcomes were not adequately tracked and measured


  • Integrated Triage WipIT™ SaaS solution with WMS to improve flexibility and scalability
  • Leveraged WipIT™ advanced business intelligence to gain deeper insight around inspection, test and failure reasons, upgrades (revisions), serial numbers, labor productivity, replacement parts usage and kitting materials


  • Delivered increased value to customers through reduced transportation costs and unnecessary touches
  • 85% of returned product now remains in distribution center ready for sale and providing greater product value
  • Created scalable model to globally standardize systems and expansions

“Partnering with tech companies like Triage is another way we combine strategic and operational excellence to improve service levels while driving continuous efficiency improvements for our customers.”

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