OSP Engineering Design

Unparalleled expertise for commercial & residential projects

When it comes to outside plant (OSP) engineering, Triage Partners brings an unparalleled level of expertise to commercial and/or residential projects of all types and scopes. We apply our knowledge and experience to ensure every phase of the work is carried out on a project basis with tight deadlines and well-defined milestones for the delivery of project objectives. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is evident every step of the way.

Our OSP engineering services cover every aspect of a project for multi-dwelling units (MDU), single family units (SFU), small and medium business (SMB), multi-tenant units (MTU) and more.

We stand ready to handle:

  • FTTx planning and installation
  • OSP Engineering Design
  • Site surveys
  • Field notes
  • Certified technical staffing
  • Pole loading
  • Autocad
  • BST cad
  • And more

Design Solutions: Triage Helps Maximize Productivity & Efficiency

Perhaps the most vital aspect of any engineering project is design.

We skillfully handle every aspect of OSP engineering network system design for feeder or distribution including site surveys to field notes to blue prints to permitting and more. As is the case with all of our managed solutions services, clients can expect nothing less than a commitment to design perfection. We provide detailed design for distribution facilities (feeder and distribution) to meet service demands and conduct job costing activities to identify and solve the unique challenges inherent with any project.

Our design expertise covers all types of OSP needs, including those associated with:

  • Fielding
  • Pole Loading
  • Site Surveys
  • Quality Review
  • High/Low Bandwidth
  • And more
  • Multi-dwelling units (MDU)
  • Single-family units (SFU)
  • Small and medium business (SMB)
  • Multi-tenant units (MTU)
  • Central office EF&I
  • Planning
  • Permitting

The Triage process is applied to every project. Before we ever get to the design phase, we listen to our client’s goals and needs to determine how best to proceed in order to provide the best solution possible. We provide the technical staffing expertise required to ensure that only the best people are assigned to a project. We monitor and streamline workflow, using proprietary software to ensure efficiencies. We provide actionable data presented in crystal clear formats for business intelligence reports. 

The same attention to detail is given to every stage of a project with primary emphasis at the design stage. After all, quality design leads to quality results. Many prominent organizations rely on the competence and efficiency of Triage Partners for a variety of OSP solutions. Our quality certifications in TL9000 and ISO 9001:2008 are a key component of our projects and our commitment to quality and excellence.


No matter what type of OSP engineering services you require, Triage Partners is here to help.