Innovative Software

Custom Solutions with Innovative Tools: The Triage Partners Software Suite

Triage Partners knows that every organization has unique requirements. We also recognized early on that in order to provide consistently excellent service to the greatest number of customers, we would need to be as flexible as possible. That’s why we developed an innovative suite of scalable, customizable proprietary software designed to improve operational efficiencies throughout the life of a project.

Our suite of software is the foundation of our services, a technological extension of the collective knowledge and experience of our team. 

The TechTime™, WipIt™ and Own the Block™ platforms allow Triage to streamline workflow and present data in clear, useful, actionable reports based on your organization’s specific requirements.

Because workflow is as efficient as possible and reports are crystal clear presentations of relevant data, our software allows our customers to make the best, most-informed decisions possible. In addition, the customizable nature of our software suite means it is flexible enough and scalable for any information and communication project.

It starts with listening. Once we have identified the problems, we will develop an innovative solution, managing workflow and producing meaningful reports for program analysis.

Triage Partners is ready to listen

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