Life Cycle Management

A smarter process means faster Cycle Time

Time and again, Triage Partners demonstrates our philosophy of innovation by putting into practice intelligent, efficient life cycle management (LCM). Our experience and know-how allows us to identify and implement efficiencies that maximize supply chain collaboration.

Our LCM processes, driven by an innovative suite of proprietary business intelligence software, and our unique embedded on premise solutions allow Triage Partners to dramatically increase inventory velocity and provide our clients the opportunity to deploy a technical touch virtually anywhere in their supply chain. Triage can stage, configure, test, refurbish and repair technology products empowering our clients to achieve unprecedented efficiencies. How would your company’s bottom line be affected by a significantly reduced time to market and reduction of waste? When you work with Triage, there is no need to guess. Our proprietary software allows us to show you with clear, detailed, and actionable reports.

Here are just a few elements of the Triage Life Cycle Management service that can benefit your company:

  • Flexible and scalable deployment
  • Collaborative approach
  • Cloud based work flow management system
  • Visibility of work in process
  • Integration with ERP and WMS systems
  • Proven product staging and test methodology
  • Certified workforce

Triage Partners is ready to listen

The Triage Team is ready to help meet your company's LCM challenges.