Not just working harder. Working smarter.

Triage Partners provides information and communication technology services through OSP planning, engineering, design, installation services, integrated supply chain and professional services. We provide the right people with the right skills and manage workflow with intelligent proprietary software.


Customized Problem Solving

We take a consultative approach by first listening to your needs and goals. Then we design and develop an efficient plan for implementation. Throughout our projects, our innovative suite of proprietary software allows us to improve internal and external efficiencies. 



Innovative Culture of Efficiency

With hundreds of years of combined experience, we anticipate problems and identify solutions. We manage our services using proprietary software to streamline workflow and deliver business intelligence reports to make the best data-driven decisions. At Triage, we understand that growth requires innovation, and we are experienced and nimble enough to respond to the ever-changing world of communications technology.



Right Skills, Right People

Triage understands that our partners require people who not only possess the right skills, but also are ready to acclimate to the corporate culture from Day 1. Our technology staffing recommendations are based on behavioral evaluation and reference checks, as well as technical testing. No matter what type of technology staffing or professional services are needed, you can be sure that Triage will provide the right people with the right skills at the right time.

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As technology changes, one thing remains the same—the need for flexible and competent outsourced services.

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